Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Al Mourog Al Khasba and the DATA Count&Fill S-25

The customer:
Al Mourog Al Khasba is a seed distribution company, owned by Mr. Mustafa Jarrar. The company specializes in locating high-quality seed breeders and companies from which seeds may be purchased in large quantities. Once purchased in bulk, the seeds are repacked into small bags and then resold providing a win-win situation for seed manufacturers who are able to sell large quantities of seeds to a single purchaser, and for Mr. Jarrar’s company, which profits by selling smaller quantities at higher prices once the seeds are counted, repackaged, and sold.

The Challenge:
Purchasing in large quantities which will later be packed into smaller batches requires a system which can accurately and efficiently count small quantities of inventory. In these instances, it is common to provide quantities above the required number to compensate for the technological challenge of accurately counting very small items such as seeds. The challenge, then, is to find a system that will not, at best, require a dramatic quantity above the requested count.
To ensure that each customer receives no less than the quantity written on the bag's label, Al Mourog Al Khasba, like many seed distribution companies, makes sure to fill each bag with an additional seed percentage. Taken as a cumulative policy across its client base, this results in losing a large percentage of seeds, as they were handed out for free to clients.

The Solution:
DATA's counting solutions offer precise counting, to an accuracy level of 99.9%. Al Mourog Al Khasba purchased the DATA Count & Fill S-25 model, which allows the company to pack small bags of seeds in exact quantities.

By using DATA's counting solution, Al Mourog Al Khasba was able to pack seeds according to the desired quantity, without the necessity of overfilling or providing additional seeds at no cost. What once was intended to be used as an extra percentage given for free to one client is now used to complete new orders.
Using the DATA Count & Fill S-25 will result in saving seeds, enabling the company to accurately and quickly pack seeds to increase the company's income.

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